Happy spring!  Does that sound strange?
I’ve just come in from taking a walk and it is beautiful outside.  Businesses are closing down, but the opposite is true in nature.  On the church and parsonage lawns, the crocuses and daffodils just couldn’t wait anymore ~ they are up, bursting in purple and yellow.  The birds were out in full force this morning, singing about the warmth and the worms.  The ocean is beautiful with the late afternoon sun sparkling off the waves.

But there’s more.  I heard that it was “bad out there,” so I went to look for myself.  It wasn’t that bad.  In fact, I spoke with a lot of people today who told me encouraging stories about how they were coping.  Families were remembering board games and family meals.  Young people were shopping for the elderly.  Neighbors were watching over neighbors.  No one was at the salon, so I got a haircut.  (You won’t notice.)  I saw three people from the church at Stop & Shop.  I got there just as they were restocking the Eggos!  I even spoke with some strangers.  Since we’re all in this together, we all have something in common.  Ironically, it seems that a sense of connection is developing at the same time as we are physically drawing apart.  “Social distancing is not social isolation.”

(As an aside, did you know that there is an Eggos card game inspired by Netflix?
It’s three things in one!  And some people still say there is no God!)

God does not shutter His doors, or limit His hours.  God does not run out of supplies.  I imagine God is also thinking that when we finish watching Netflix, we might finally finish reading His book.  But God is also speaking to us through the spring, reminding us that all things are being made new; that life is sprouting from what looks like death; that darkness is being pushed back by light; that life is a cycle; and that even though we can’t seem
to stop bad things from happening, we can’t stop good things from happening either.  God is good.

So get out there if you can.  Direct sunlight is good for the body and the soul.
What do the trees know of our troubles?  They are showing forth their buds.  What do the birds know of hoarding?  They are preparing their nests.  What does the rain know of want?  It waters a thirsty earth.
So yes ~ happy spring!  Look for bad and you will find it ~ look for good and you will find it as well.
Look for anxiety and you will find it.  Look for encouragement and you will find it as well.

What’s on your shopping list?