We have all received grace upon grace. ~ John 1:16, ESV

A huge thanks to Carolyn Leyboldt for the above photo, whose sepia tones make it look like a tinted postcard from the 50s.  The photo was taken locally this past Saturday night.  The lighting is perfect: light in the foreground, darkness in the background, amplifying the contrast.  Carolyn writes, “not much rain, but a double rainbow.”

This got me thinking.  So often we look at the rainbow as a metaphor for grace after suffering.  We do this not only because of Noah, but because it makes sense to see beauty after a storm, whether physically or in the human response to a disaster.  But we forget that sometimes we get a rainbow without rain, or with very little rain.  Sometimes God blesses us when we’re already blessed: a double serving.  And here, a double rainbow!

We don’t always receive everything that we want or pray for.  But this doesn’t mean that God is not generous.  He has given us “grace upon grace” in the life of His Son.  (To quote “White Men Can’t Jump completely out of context, God loves us “infinity times infinity.”)  In the 23rd Psalm, David writes, “my cup runneth over.”  We never need more than a full cup, more than infinity, or more than the grace of God’s love; and yet, God gives it to us anyway.

When I woke up today, I was already saved.  And look, I was still alive too!  Later I saw an egret (although I had to Google it when I got home to make sure it was an egret)!  I ate fresh strawberries from a local farm.  I received a CD in the mail from my friends in Hawaii.  And then I saw this beautiful photo.

My cup runneth over.  Maybe yours does too?