Pat yourselves on the back; breathe a sigh of relief.  We’ve made it halfway through the year!  In one sense, it seems like our New Year’s resolutions were two years ago; in another, the half year arrived pretty quickly.  In six months, we will wake up to 2021.  We will have just celebrated New Year’s Eve.  With any luck (and a whole lot of prayer) we may even have a vaccine.  New Year’s Day 2021 is a Friday, so we’ll also have a holiday weekend.  Yay!

The official not-very-creative name of the day is Second Half of the Year Day, defined as “a chance to step back, evaluate your year so far with your goals and objectives and to take action to get back on track if necessary.”  (Today is also Canada Day and the day the Walkman was invented, but those seem less relevant.)

So, what are your plans for the second half of the year?

Plan A
1. Nap at home.
2. Watch TV between naps.

Tempting, but I believe we can do better!  I’m a big fan of having one achievable goal.  So let’s think about who we want to be in six months.  The old hymn goes, “Lord, I want to be more loving in my heart.”  Maybe we want to be more loving, or more patient, or more peace-filled.  Maybe we want to finish reading the New Testament (plenty of time if we start now!), or make more time for our friends, or appreciate the beauty of nature.  Maybe we want to adopt a social issue, such as feeding the homeless, or cleaning up the ocean, or fighting for racial equality.  Maybe we’ve thought, “I would like to be a person who prays every day” or “I would like to be a person who gives thanks for at least one thing every day.”  We can!  Second Half of the Year Day 2020 is our chance to make a new start.

Why wait for New Year’s or Lent to come around again?  We can be closer to God by the end of the year, more fulfilled and Spirit-filled, happier and more content, with a greater sense of purpose.  Today is a great day to begin!

God sets another day, which is called “Today!” ~ Hebrews 4:7b, Good News Bible
The word “Today” in the scripture applies to us.
 ~ Hebrews 3:13c, Good News Bible