a) Today is not as warm/cool as I’d like.  It is too humid/not humid enough.  If it were a perfect day, I would enjoy it more.
b) What a beautiful day, because I am alive and God loves me!

a) I wonder what sort of crappy thing will happen today.  I can hardly wait to turn on the news to see people arguing and find out how many people got shot while I was asleep.
b) I wonder how I will be blessed today.  I have no idea what God has in store, but I’m looking forward to discovering it.

a) If no one calls me or write me today, I will be terribly lonely.  I don’t think anyone cares.
b) Today I’m going to call someone who may feel lonely.  It will make me feel better too!

a) Why can’t things go back to normal?  If I could _______ again, (fill in the blank), I’d be happy.
b) I’m sure glad I can still _______ (fill in the blank).  I’m so grateful!

a) I expect today will be another in a series of unending, grey, dour days that will last until the end of the pandemic or when I die.
b) I expect today will be what I make of it.

a) I don’t think anything good will happen today, so I will stay home.
b) I just noticed that the world is bigger than my home, so I’m going to see what’s out there!

a) Why can’t life be like it was before the pandemic, when bunnies and unicorns played in my yard under magnificent rainbows and life was sunny and bright and beautiful and cheese danishes grew on trees and I was never unhappy at all?
b) Oh look, another new flower just bloomed!

a) When will this be overrrrrrrrrrrrrrr … ?
b) Today is just getting started!

a) I don’t know why God doesn’t answer when I don’t pray.
b) I just had the nicest conversation with God!  All I had to do was sit on my porch and listen.

a) Even if by some miracle today is good, it will probably just be a clerical error.
b) Even if today isn’t good (and I totally think it will be!) I’m already looking forward to tomorrow!