This weekend I read a great short story by N.K. Jemisin called “Emergency Skin.”  The story was first published on Amazon and won this year’s Hugo Award for Best Science Fiction Novelette.

The premise of the story:  climate change has ravaged the earth, and a large group of humans has left the planet because they find it unsustainable.  Years later they return to see what happened to the planet.  To their surprise, they discover that Earth is doing great!

When they ask what happened, they are told that the earth never needed new technologies to save them ~ they only needed people to care about each other.  When all the rich, selfish people left, the rest banded together and formed a sustainable society based on kindness and cooperation.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking (because I thought it too) ~ we can’t just shoot all the rich, selfish people into space (although maybe we could trick them into leaving on an Elon Musk ship).  But we can start to concentrate on caring for others.  These is one of the two main principles of our faith (along with loving God).

Think about it for a minute.  Would caring for each other stop the coronavirus?  It would.  Would caring for each stop the political impasse?  It would.  Would caring for each other solve the problems that have led to protests?  It would.  Would caring for each other end war?  It would.  Would caring for each other end poverty?  It would.  Would caring for each other end disease?  Maybe not, but it would make an impact, and people suffering from diseases would feel less alone.

Turns out Jesus was right.  So was Jackie DeShannon back in 1965:  what the world needs now is love, sweet love; it’s the only thing that there’s just too little of.  The solution to everything may be simpler than we thought.