Lord God, you have promised our nation a blessing if we but turn to you.  Humble our hearts and lead us to repentance.  

Forgive us the sin of seeing each other not as brothers and sisters, but as enemies.  Forgive our quickness to devolve into anger and recrimination.  Forgive us the political turmoil that we have fomented, even among our own families and friends.  Forgive us our need to be “right,” no matter what the cost.  Forgive us for drifting from the ideals that you and the founders of our nation have established.  Forgive us for deserting the words “united,” “in God we trust,” and “liberty and justice for all.”

Help us to turn not to other human beings, but to you for guidance and strength.  Remind us that we are part of an unshakeable Kingdom, with a Faithful King, and that the government is upon Your shoulders.  

We pray that we might not give in to our own insecurities; that we might once again cherish the blessings of diversity; that we might honor differences of opinion, instead of shouting over each other and trying to drown each other out.  Fill us with a desire to listen, not only to each other, but to you.

Remind us of the strengths of this nation.  Help us to believe in each other again.  Help us to see You in the eyes of every person, even those with whom we disagree.  Teach us that our nation’s democracy, as strong as it may be, is fragile, and that we are the keepers of our own ideals.  When we are not sure of the way forward, darken every path that does not lead to You, and shine your light on every one that does.

Protect us from anger and despair.  Change our hearts, O God; may we be like You.  Fill our hearts with hope and determination; may we not give up, but press on all the more.

Be with every one of our nation’s leaders, and fill them with a desire to serve you.  May Your wisdom be their wisdom.  May Your love be their love.  Help them to see how close we are, not to falling apart but to making a mighty witness for You.

May we be your servants, and may our nation become a nation of servants, that in serving others we may honor You.  Remind us that You became a servant in order to save us from our sins.  Fill our hearts with empathy.  Lead us to be healers, helpers and peacemakers.  Help us once again to be indivisible: one nation, under You.

When sacrifices must be made, remind us that You made the greatest sacrifice of all.  Bless us in the future as You have in the past, as we continue to strive for Your Kingdom.  Amen.