New Hymns

Peace, Calm, Rest

William Congreve once wrote, “music has the power to soothe the savage breast.”  In times of anxiety, worry and doubt, music can be a healing balm.  The following songs have been chosen for their soothing, encouraging tone.  We pray that they will be a solace for you during a difficult time.

Note:  YouTube videos sometimes have little commercials in them – usually an ad that can be closed within a few seconds.  (This is not part of our website, but theirs.)  When a video ends, the screen suggests other related videos.  Please keep in mind that we recommend only what we share!

Cody Carnes, Keri Jobe and Elevation Worship ~ The Blessing
We may have found THE song of our moment.  These Christian artists got together in early March to record this song, which debuted at #1 on the day of release ~ March 20 ~ not just on the Christian chart, but on the overall chart.
This is America’s #1 song at the time when we need it the most.  Thank you, Jesus!

Lauren Daigle ~ Rescue
Not only a beautiful song, but a beautiful video, Lauren Daigle’s “Rescue” has been a radio hit for the past year, and we’ve sung it in worship as well.  The song teaches us that God will “send out an army to find us in the middle of the darkest night.”

Hillsong Worship ~ Be Still
Hillsong Worship’s “Be Still” echoes the words of the 23rd Psalm:  “I won’t be afraid if you are here; you silence all my fears … surely love and mercy, your peace and kindness, will follow me.”

Pat Barrett ~ I Am Held
“I am held by the One who won’t let go.”  God has us in the palm of His hand.

Amanda Lindsey Cook ~ Comforter
“Where there are no words, and even breathing hurts, you are my comforter.”  Written during a time of pain, “Comforter” is a reminder that God will never abandon us.

All Sons & Daughters ~ Rest In You
This gorgeous song breaks into an incredible bridge:  “You cannot change, yet You change everything.”  All Sons & Daughters remind us of God’s peace, “like a river,” and calm our spirits with their comforting message.

Brian & Jenn Johnson ~ You’re Gonna Be Okay
“You’ll get through this; just follow the light in the darkness.  You’re gonna be okay.”  These encouraging words from Brian & Jenn Johnson help us to look beyond our present circumstances to the glorious future that God has already secured.

Will Reagan ~ Through and Through
“I find that I’m safe in your loving arms.”  Will Reagan sings of God as an Almighty, all-knowing, all-loving parent; thank God for His eternal love!

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  1. Lorraine said:

    Loving these great dings! Thanks Rich!!!

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