New Hymns

God Is Our Song
Psalm 118:14 reads, the LORD is my strength and song; and he has become my salvation.  (The Scripture can also be found in Exodus 15:2.)  Music is a wonderful way to worship God ~ but have you ever thought about God being music? These new songs provide hope and joy, and we pray that they will touch your heart!

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for KING & COUNTRY ~ joy.
Lately we’ve been talking about good news in church ~ not just the news that Christ is alive, but daily good news: uplifting stories we don’t encounter in the media.  This song shares our belief that the good news is out there:  “Let it move you!”  It’s also a really upbeat song, punctuated by the choir in the chorus.

Mark Brock ~ Into Dust
This understated song is a slow grower:  “You speak life into dust” refers not only to the point of creation, but the entrance of the Holy Spirit into our lives.  It’s the lead single from an as-yet untitled forthcoming album.

Hillsong Worship ~ Be Still
In its second week of release, an incredible ten songs from Hillsong’s latest effort There Is More occupied the Christian Top 40.  Last month we shared “Who You Say I Am” ~ this month we share “Be Still,” which is built around a beautiful message from Psalms.  We love the colorful lyric video!

Pat Barrett featuring Steffany Gretzinger and Amanda Cook ~ Sails
As the weather grows warmer, we start to think about oceans and sailboats.  “Sails” is a perfect song to welcome the new season, an exquisite team-up between the leader of Housefires and two members of the Bethel Collective.

Alisa Turner ~ My Prayer for You
Alisa Turner has an amazing story.  When she was 20, she suddenly lost her father due to a heart attack.  Soon after, she was diagnosed with Lyme disease and spent six years in bed on a feeding tube.  Now she has emerged as a sensitive and Spirit-filled singer.  Her album Miracle or Not is released on May 11; “My Prayer for You” is an early highlight.

Christa Wells ~ One Day
Christa Wells’ spring EP contains this gem about taking things one day at a time: “one breath, one prayer, one step, one word, one hope ’til one day you’re free.”  The video below contains the story behind the song, which begins at 3:15.

2 thoughts on “New Hymns”

  1. Karen Pollard said:

    Thanks for posting these healing words of hope and praise. They really fill my heart with joy as I recover from surgery 3 weeks ago. God is so good!

  2. This is so encouraging and beautiful! I love the Alisa Turner song and her story! Thank you!

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