New Hymns

God Is Our Valentine
Ash Wednesday falls on Valentine’s Day this year (or the other way around!).  As Lent begins, the calendar confluence provides a wonderful reminder of God’s love.  God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life.  We hope that these songs (many from albums scheduled for release during Lent) will touch your heart!

Note:  YouTube and Vevo videos sometimes have little commercials in them – usually an ad that can be closed within a few seconds.  (This is not part of our website, but theirs.)  When a YouTube video ends, the screen suggests other related videos.  Please keep in mind that we recommend only what we share!

Tori Kelly ~ So Will I (100 Billion X)
This unreleased version of Hillsong’s latest hit is an acoustic take by pop star Tori Kelly, known in the pop world for “Hollow” and the Christian world for “I’ll Find You” (with Lecrae).  It’s a beautiful rendition that for now is only available on YouTube.

Cory Asbury ~ Endless Alleluia
As part of the Bethel Music Collective, Cory Asbury has been part of an amazing run of Christian worship anthems.  The closing track from his solo album Reckless Love (just released January 26) is a gorgeous ballad with an encouraging dual message about enjoying the now and turning to God at the beginning and end of the day.

Rend Collective ~ Counting Every Blessing
The Irish band’s follow-up to “Rescuer” is another ebullient song, instantly hummable due to an extremely catchy chorus.  The song speaks of God’s goodness through every season.  The surprise comes in the final minute, when the song changes gear from electric to acoustic.

Lincoln Brewster ~ No One Like Our God
The original version is upbeat and poppy, but we like this “one take” solo version, which is contemplative and sedate (even with the guitar solo!)  The artist’s new album is due in March.

Charity Gayle ~ Amen
We’ve got a really good feeling about Buffalo, NY worship leader Charity Gayle, whose newly-expanded album Lord You Are My Song is one of the year’s first Christian releases.  Lead single “Amen” has an old-time Gospel sound, and already sounds like a classic.  And if you like worship, wow, what a video!

Audrey Assad ~ Deliverer
Another bright spot on the winter release calendar is Audrey Assad’s Evergreen, due February 23.  Lead single “Deliverer” examines the relationship between God and humanity by listing the things that God is not before extolling the things that God is.

Michael W. Smith ~ Surrounded (Fight My Battles)
Michael W. Smith has not one, but TWO albums scheduled for release on February 23: the live album Surrounded and the studio album A Million Lights.  We are doubly blessed!  We’ve chosen one song from each to share, beginning with the exuberant sing-a-long anthem from the live set.

Michael W. Smith ~ A Million Lights
And now here’s the lead single from the studio album, already making inroads at Christian radio!  Every day, I’m feeling alive, sings Smith ~ may the same be true for you!


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