New Hymns

Autumn is here!
We’ve had a long warm spell, but there’s no mistaking the fact that autumn is finally here.  We can feel it when the sun goes down and the moon comes out.  The season’s first crunchy leaves are found underfoot.  A new season has arrived, and we’ve chosen some new music to accompany the change.  A blessed fall to all ~ we hope that you enjoy what you see and hear!

Note:  YouTube and Vevo videos sometimes have little commercials in them – usually an ad that can be closed within a few seconds.  (This is not part of our website, but theirs.)  When a YouTube video ends, the screen suggests other related videos.  Please keep in mind that we recommend only what we share!

Kristene DiMarco ~ Fear Not
A perfect song for those who are anxious and troubled, “Fear Not” is an early highlight from Kristene DiMarco’s new worship album Where His Light Was.

Christy Nockels ~ Keep the Light On
Christy Nockels’ latest album is a collection of lullabies for children and adults alike.  This beautiful evening song uses the image of a night light to explore the glory of Jesus’ love.  No images, so just enjoy the music!

Rend Collective ~ Rescuer (Good News)
“Shhh … there is so much bad news in the world right now, but no matter what, we have good news, and that good news has a name, and that name is Jesus Christ.”  These words launch the amazingly catchy new single from Rend Collective (“My Lighthouse”).  The message could not have come at a better time.

Matthew West ~ Jesus and You
The most romantic Christian song of the season, “Jesus and You” is a celebration of Christ and Christian relationships.  We wouldn’t be surprised to see this become a crossover hit, as it covers ground and timbres akin to Florida Georgia Line’s “God, Your Mama and Me.”  The single comes from the album All In, which was released on September 22.

Nicole Nordeman ~ Every Mile Mattered
The title track from Nicole Nordemann’s latest album proclaims, “every tear brought you here, every sorrow gathered … every mile mattered.”  The song looks back on a difficult life and gives thanks for the One who never leaves our side.


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