New Hymns

Music for Changing Seasons

The songs below are meant to inspire, uplift and encourage.
As the weather cools and activities change, our Lord remains the same!

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United Pursuit ~ Seasons Change
One of the best Christian songs about the change in seasons, this amazing track rises to a rousing climax of praise.
You may remember United Pursuit from “Through and Through,” which we sing in church!

Kristin Horne ~ Seasons
Following the same theme, Kristin Horne briefly laments the end of summer, then remembers that God awaits in the autumn.  
Though seasons may change, your love stays the same.

Hillsong Worship feat. Lauren Daigle ~ How Great Thou Art
When through the woods and forest glades I wander …
the lyrics sing of autumn, and this combination of artists is a match made in heaven.

Carrie Underwood feat. CeCe Winans ~ Great Is Thy Faithfulness
Summer and winter, springtime and harvest …
released earlier this year, Carrie Underwood’s rendition is perfect for every season.

2 thoughts on “New Hymns”

  1. Lorraine said:

    Loving these great dings! Thanks Rich!!!

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