New Hymns

God Is Our Song
Psalm 118:14 reads, the LORD is my strength and song; and he has become my salvation.  (The Scripture can also be found in Exodus 15:2.)  Music is a wonderful way to worship God ~ but have you ever thought about God being music? These new songs provide hope and joy, and we pray that they will touch your heart!

Note:  YouTube and Vevo videos sometimes have little commercials in them – usually an ad that can be closed within a few seconds.  (This is not part of our website, but theirs.)  When a YouTube video ends, the screen suggests other related videos.  Please keep in mind that we recommend only what we share!

Lauren Daigle ~ You Say
The lead single from one of fall’s most anticipated albums has just dropped, and fans will be overjoyed to hear one of their favorite singers in rare form.  “You Say” leads listeners through a mental exercise that involves listening first to the words of others, and then to the Word of God.  What others say about us does not matter, as long as we have God’s approval.  Look Up Child will be released on September 7!

for KING & COUNTRY ~ joy.
Lately we’ve been talking about good news in church ~ not just the news that Christ is alive, but daily good news: uplifting stories we don’t encounter in the media.  This song shares our belief that the good news is out there:  “Let it move you!”  It’s also a really upbeat song, punctuated by the choir in the chorus.  The album Burn the Ships will be out on October 5.

Mark Brock ~ Into Dust
This understated song is a slow grower:  “You speak life into dust” refers not only to the point of creation, but the entrance of the Holy Spirit into our lives.  It’s the lead single from an as-yet untitled forthcoming album.

Hillsong Worship ~ Be Still
In its second week of release, an incredible ten songs from Hillsong’s latest effort There Is More occupied the Christian Top 40.  Last month we shared “Who You Say I Am” ~ this month we share “Be Still,” which is built around a beautiful message from Psalms.  We love the colorful lyric video!

Pat Barrett featuring Steffany Gretzinger and Amanda Cook ~ Sails
It’s mid-summer, and we’re thinking a lot about oceans and sailboats.  “Sails” is a perfect song for the season, an exquisite team-up between the leader of Housefires and two members of the Bethel Collective.  Barrett’s album was released on July 20.

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