New Hymns

New Year, New Music!

It always feels sad to take the Christmas songs off this page, but that sadness is replaced by joy as the first new songs of the new year start to roll in!  We’re already off to a good start, with much more to come ~ we hope you enjoy this early musical taste of 2021!

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Petey Martin feat. Lauren Daigle ~ Come Back Home
Surprise!  Lauren Daigle appears on a dance track to start the year!  The song is about a prodigal daughter who just wants to “come back home” ~ a perfect message for those looking to make a change in the new year.

Mitch Rossell ~ 2020
Technically, this song was released on December 29, but we’re counting it as a song for the new year because of its perspective, prayer and hope.  It’s especially relevant in light of recent events at the Capitol: “Lord I pray with all my mind, help us see each other through your eyes.  Let’s take the red, take the blue, wave the white, call a truce, build a bridge across the line drawn through this country, before hindsight’s 20/20.”

Elevation Worship ~ The Blessing (Morning and Evening)
Following the template set by Bethel Music last year on Peace, Elevation Worship has recorded a calm, comforting version of last year’s album, Graves Into Gardens.  The album includes a gorgeous version of “The Blessing” that only adds to our appreciation of the original composition.

Cochren & Co. ~ Don’t Lose Hope
The title track from Cochren & Co.’s Don’t Lose Hope is another perfect message for our times, just as “One Day” (also found on the album, due January 22) was during last summer’s conflicts.  The Lord’s hand is surely upon this band!

Joel Vaughn ~ Make the Most of It
A sneak preview of the album Louder Than the Lies (due January 29), “Make the Most of It” is a song about being caught off guard by life’s circumstances and vowing to do better, living a life without regrets and applying faith to every obstacle.

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  1. Lorraine said:

    Loving these great dings! Thanks Rich!!!

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