2018 Seraphim Softball
The Seraphim are getting ready to kick off the 2018 season!  Early reports say that the team members have been keeping in shape all winter with an arduous workout regimen of clicking remotes and lifting donuts.  But now it is time to get serious!  The first game will be played the day after Easter, so dust off those jerseys and get ready to compete!  Full schedules will likely be announced the first week of the season.

2017 Seraphim Scores and Highlights

All-American Rookie.Weird Week One!
The Seraphim traveled to Nesconset for a rematch against the Cornerstone Bible Church, who defeated them in last year’s championship game.  The church is blessed to have home field on their own property ~ the church backyard!  While we lost 14-8, the team put up a good fight with only 9 players, and had the lead twice in the early innings.  Jake picked up where he left off with a solid 3-run homer and Paul played hard through injury (apparently a pulled stomach muscle).  The weird part of the week: every other team in our division lost as well.  The return of Rob, Chris, Matt, Fred, and Craig will only make us stronger!

Batters can't see the invisible ball!Week Two ~ First Win!
This time the Seraphim hiked up to Yaphank to play the new Mission Messengers, only to discover that it was an old team (Temple Baptist Guard) under a new name.  Last year the TBG surprised us by playing hard despite a poor record.  This year it was a different story as we no longer underestimated them.  Lots of action from the Seraphim included hit after hit ~ no home runs but 20 runs total in only 4 innings ~ in a rare scenario, the managers agreed to let the Seraphim skip an inning at bat to allow the game to be completed before the sun set.  The next game will take place the day after Easter at 12 Pines Field, which is serving as our home field until we find one closer to Sayville.

Rob says this doesn't hurt.Week Three ~ Up Against the Best
Our Week Three opponent was Gospel Community Valor, the league’s overall #1 team and the winners of the last championship.  We remember playing this team when it was just a youth group.  Now the youth are all in their early 20s.  Imagine fielding a team with all Matts, Jakes and Craigs!  Rob had three amazing plays at first, including an all-out diving catch.  Unfortunately we couldn’t do much at the plate.  Final score:  19-2.  John said at the end of the game, “We’ll beat these guys next time.”  That’s the spirit!  We will see them again later in the season, and until then we’ll all be pumping iron and running marathons to return to the shape we were in in the 80s.  Right, guys?

someone needs a pep talkWeek Four ~ Great start, but the game kept going.
The team felt on top of the world as it fielded only nine players but managed to score eight runs in the top of the first inning.  Unfortunately three outfielders did not turn out to be enough, and Patchogue New Creation has some mighty good batters.  Holding on to a slim 12-11 lead in the bottom of the last inning, the Seraphim watched helplessly as two things happened simultaneously:  1) PNC mirrored the Seraphim’s first inning by scoring eight runs of their own, and 2) The sun went down, preventing the Seraphim the chance to bat, with the top of the order coming up.  The game was called on account of darkness.  Final score: PNC 19, Seraphim 12.

Week Five ~ We’re #10!
The good news is that we are still in the top ten.  The bad news is, there are ten teams!  We found hard on Monday night against Living Word, another of those young and dangerous A+ teams, but again we were only able to field 9.  Jake had a home run, John W. had a huge double over the center fielder’s head, and we were happy with our fighting spirit, although not the final score of 23-10.  On Tuesday we had too many absences and had to forfeit a few hours before the game.  The Seraphim look to bounce back on Monday against New Life at 12 Pines Park.

Youth!Week Six ~ An Amazing Comeback!
Down by six in the sixth inning, the Seraphim went to work.  They had already seen home runs from Jake, Rob and Matt, but it hadn’t been enough.  This time they were determined to win, scoring four doubles in a row.  And then it was Cam’s turn to shine, coming to bat with two outs, bases loaded and the game on the line.  His RBIs put the team ahead by two.  But the game wasn’t over ~ we still had to play defense.  Cam closed a gap that New Life didn’t think he could close ~ did I mention that we only had 9 players?  The ball went in and out of his mitt, up in the air, he lost his footing … and caught the ball.  Two outs now, two on, top of the seventh, and Rob and Tino discuss walking the next batter ~ a very dangerous hitter ~ to load the bases.  They call time out.  The discussion goes back and forth.  Rob finally says, “Pitch to him.”  The batter hits the ball … it’s going deep!  Matt is gauging the trajectory, running under the arc and … he makes the catch!  Seraphim win!  Pandemonium!  Final score: Seraphim 20, New Life 18.

DeterminationWeek Seven ~ Our turn!
It’s the bottom of the seventh inning, the game is tied, and Rob feels great.  Why?  Because the bases are loaded, there’s one out, and he’s up at bat.  A walk wins it.  A long fly ball wins it.  But Rob decides to go up the middle ~ and wins it!  Prior to this outing, the First Presbyterian Witnesses had scored 31 in a game twice, and had only lost one game all season.  But with home run hitting from Jake and Matt, and a couple clutch catches by Ed in right field, we were able to hold our own, and to stay in the game long enough to claim the victory.  The next night looked to be a different story.  Again our opponent had only one loss, but this time it was Living Word, who had beaten us 23-10 only a couple weeks prior.  This is the difference that a tenth player can make.  Chris was with us for the first time this season.  Craig was with us.  And apparently the Force (a euphemism for the Holy Spirit) was with us as well, as John pitched a stellar game, Jake hit THREE HOME RUNS, we batted around in the 4th (scoring nine), at one time led by 15 and eventually won by 12.  This is the third victory in a row for the Seraphim, who are battling their way back in the standings game by game ~ but it was easily their best all-around performance of the year.

Week Eight:  Jetlagged?
Two weeks off (a bye and a rainout) cooled off the Seraphim, who took a while to wake up against their United Methodist brothers at Islip.  A slow, low-scoring game marked only by a solo home run from Rob turned into a back-and-forth slugfest as the Seraphim caught up 5-5, took the lead, fell back and nearly completed a comeback in the bottom of the seventh with the winning run at the plate.  Unfortunately it was not to be, and the Seraphim lost 16-14, eager to play again the next day ~ when it rained.  Of special note was Rob’s flying catch at third, with total disregard for his ribs.  (He’s okay!)

Week Nine:  Hot, Hot, Not
A low-energy game was played at Dix Hills on Monday night, with temperatures in the 90s and an air quality advisory issued across Long Island.  The Seraphim remembered to hydrate and won 8-4.  It was Tino’s best pitching performance of the season and the least runs allowed all year.  Tuesday was even hotter, but the team decided to forfeit against the Patchogue Mighty Warriors instead of playing against them with only 8, including neither of its starting pitchers.  Apparently the entire league was in trouble on Tuesday as five out of nine games were forfeited!  As the end of the regular season approaches, the Seraphim prepare to make their move, hoping that the whole team will be available come crunch time!

I really want to steal that base.Week Ten:  Shaping Up
On Monday, a forfeit went our way as the other team couldn’t make it.  The next day, we took the field against Patchogue New Creation, and Pastor Rich reminded the team that at the end of the game in Week Four, John Rode said, “We’re gonna beat these guys next time.”  Patchogue took a 4-0 lead in the top of the first, but their bats cooled after that.  Meanwhile, the Seraphim paired smart hitting with solid defense and great pitching, as John was true to his word.  A disputed play went our way and took the other team out of their rhythm.  Rob closed a hundred yard gap to catch a long foul.  Jake hit an accidental home run due to a throwing error.  Even Pastor Rich got into the action with three walks and a hit, his best night in years.  In the end, we won by mercy rule, 21-6, making the Seraphim are 5-1 in the last six games they’ve actually played: a strong streak going into the final week of the regular season.  Let’s go, Seraphim!

Manager LeeWeek Eleven:  One of Each
On Monday night, we played the team that beat us in last year’s championship.  It was a bizarre game marked by unusual plays and calls, including a disputed slide at third that represented the winning run.  Rob hit a towering homer but it was not quite enough for the victory as the Seraphim lost by a single run.  The silver lining: this sent the Cornerstone Church to the upper level of the playoffs, leaving the Seraphim at the top of the (former) B for the second year in a row ~ just where they wanted to be!  On Tuesday night the lineup was stuffed with hitters, perhaps too many, as Lee came back from his 25th anniversary celebration (happy anniversary, Lee and Deb!), Chris got out of work and Craig skipped the second-to-last day of class.  This was the first night on Bayport’s “new” field, which looked like it was last used in 1988.  It was apparent early that the Seraphim were going to win as they scored 11 runs in the first inning, and ended up scoring 28 runs in only 4 innings (giving up their at-bats in the 5th).  Pastor Rich was happy to get three more hits and was rewarded by being sent to play left field, while Rob got to pitch the last two innings.  Now the team will have to wait as other teams play makeup games; the team has secured at least a tie for first.  Way to go, Seraphim!

2017 Playoff Game One:  Backs to the Wall
The playoffs began with the news that the league had shaken up the divisions again.  Instead of playing a low-seeded team in their own division, the Seraphim were up against the top team in the division below them.  The 12-4 First Presbyterian Witnesses came to play, putting up 5 in the first and never looking back.  After amassing a 21-0 lead, they let the Seraphim creep back up with 7, but victory was not to be for the men in blue.  Highlight of the game was another of Lee’s over the shoulder catches in the fifth inning that sparked some life in the Seraphim bats.  Now we must beat Dix Hills on Tuesday at 12 Pines Field for the right to keep playing.

2017 Playoff Game Two:  A Mighty Win
How can a team turn things around so completely in less than 24 hours?  With amazing defense, including an all-out, ribs in the ground catch by Cam, multiple plays from Chris to Rob (SS to 1B), a running scoop by Ed, a hustling catch by Matt, Lee chasing down a near-blooper, and so much more, all backed by the stellar pitching of John.  The defense sparked the offense, which took a couple innings to get started but was on fire by the second time through.  In one day the Seraphim went from being the mercy ruled to the mercy rulers, winning 17-2 as thunder boomed around them.  This keeps them in the playoffs for next week, when Jake will return to the lineup.

2017 Playoff Game Three:  Manager Lee, MVP!
The Seraphim got off to a great start against Missio Mission, posting 6 runs in the bottom of the first inning, highlighted by a home run from Jake.  But the other team crept back in, closing the gap to three.  That’s when Lee took control at third base with not one, but two tag outs, taking the wind from the other team’s sails.  He then backed it up with two massive doubles, each of which went to the fence.  The Seraphim’s hopes are still alive as they return to 12 Pines Field on Tuesday to play Our Savior Psalms.

2017 Playoff Game Four:  So Close!
Manager Lee continued his hot streak with two triples.  The pitching was strong, the defense solid.  The Seraphim battled back from a 6-0 deficit to tie the game 10-10 in the bottom of the sixth.  Our Savior Psalms responded with three runs in the top of the seventh.  The Seraphim tried their best to close the gap once more ~ but this night, it was not to be.  After the game, the team held their heads high.  It had been a great season, with the team building momentum in the second half.  After the team photo, many of the players were able to make it to Ralph’s for ice cream.  We’re already looking forward to next season.  Rest up, Seraphim, you’ve earned it ~ and thanks to all our fans for coming out, especially during the playoffs!

2017 Seraphim Softball Schedule
Monday, April 3 ~ Cornerstone Baptist Church 14, Sayville Seraphim 8
Monday, April 10 ~ Sayville Seraphim 20, Missio Mission (formerly TBG) 5
Monday, April 17 ~ Gospel Community Valor 19, Sayville Seraphim 2
Monday, April 24 ~ Patchogue New Creation 19, Sayville Seraphim 12
Monday, May 1 ~ Living Word 23, Sayville Seraphim 10
Tuesday, May 2 ~ Pillar Church 15, Sayville Seraphim 0 (forfeit)
Monday, May 8 ~ Sayville Seraphim 20, New Life Disciples 18
Monday, May 15 ~ Sayville Seraphim 18, First Presbyterian 17
Tuesday, May 16 ~ Sayville Seraphim 23, Living Word 11
Monday, June 5 ~ Islip Methodist Prophets 16, Sayville Seraphim 14
Monday, June 12 ~ Sayville Seraphim 8, Dix Hills Servants 4
Tuesday, June 13 ~ Patchogue Mighty Warriors 15, Sayville Seraphim 0 (forfeit)
Monday, June 19 ~ Sayville Seraphim 15, Gospel Community Valor #2 0 (forfeit)
Tuesday, June 20 ~ Sayville Seraphim 21, Patchogue New Creation 6
Monday, June 26 ~ Cornerstone Bible Church 12, Sayville Seraphim 11
Tuesday, June 27 ~ Sayville Seraphim 28, Bayport Evangel Souls 12

2017 Seraphim Playoffs
Monday, July 10 ~ First Presbyterian Witnesses 26, Sayville Seraphim 7
Tuesday, July 11 ~ Sayville Seraphim 17, Dix Hills Servants 2
Monday, July 17 ~ Sayville Seraphim 10, Missio Mission 6
Tuesday, July 18 ~ Our Savior Psalms 13, Sayville Seraphim 10

For all the details from around the league, click here.


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