2020 Seraphim Season
Opening Day has been postponed until at least May, although in light of recent events this may change ~ more details when we have them!

2019 Seraphim Season
The Seraphim Softball season is now over, but it was a good one!  Highlights included finishing the regular season on a 6-game winning streak and earning the #1 seed in the B Division.  The team is already looking forward to 2020.  Let’s go, Seraphim!

2019 Regular Season Scores
Monday, April 1 ~ Patchogue Mighty Warriors 11, Sayville Seraphim 6
Monday, April 8 ~ Patchogue New Creations 20, Sayville Seraphim 14
Monday, April 29 ~ Sayville Seraphim 23, Patchogue Righteous Brethren 3
Monday, May 6 ~ Sayville Seraphim 24, New Life Disciples 7
Monday, May 20 ~ Living Word 15, Sayville Seraphim 13
Tuesday, May 21 ~ Lindenhurst Evangel Flames 15, Sayville Seraphim 0 (forfeit)
Tuesday, May 28 ~ Long Island Baptist 20, Sayville Seraphim 16
Monday, June 3 ~ Our Savior Psalms 20, Sayville Seraphim 15
Tuesday, June 11 ~ Sayville Seraphim 34, Bayport United Methodist 15
Monday, June 24 ~ Sayville Seraphim 25, Patchogue Righteous Brethren 12
Monday, July 1 ~ Sayville Seraphim 10, Living Word 6
Tuesday, July 2 ~ Sayville Seraphim 31, Gospel Community Valor #2 16
Tuesday, July 2 ~ Sayville Seraphim 20, Missio Messengers 19
Monday, July 8 ~ Sayville Seraphim 17, Islip Methodist 2

2019 Seraphim Playoff Scores
Tuesday, July 16 ~ Three Village Brethren 22, Sayville Seraphim 10
Tuesday, July 23 ~ First Presbyterian 14, Sayville Seraphim 7

2019 Seraphim Softball Scores and Highlights

First Game:  Cam Slam!
The 2019 Seraphim season began on a cold April Fool’s night against the Patchogue Mighty Warriors.  The Seraphim were able to field nine against a team of ten, but still managed to make an impact.  The Warriors took an early lead.  Then Cam hit a Cam Slam into the next field!  The Warriors scored some more and the Seraphim started to come back late, loading the bases again in the bottom of the last inning but failing to convert.  Final score PMW 11, Seraphim 6 ~ but hold your heads high, Seraphim!  Welcome to our newest player Ashley who played second and went 2-for-3!

Second Game:  Only One Bad Inning!
Tonight the Seraphim won four out of five innings!  Not bad, right?  The team got to a 13-6 lead on the back of Manager Lee, who hit a towering home run.  Lots of hits, great defense, and everything was looking good as the team entered the fourth inning.  Then Patchogue New Creation started hitting home runs over our heads, across the running track and into the duck poop.  They ended up winning 19-14.  But on the brighter side, the Seraphim scored twice as much as last week and now they have a week off!

Third Game:  Here We Come!
After a long break (a bye week followed by a rainout) the Seraphim took the field against the Patchogue Righteous Brethren, their third Patchogue opponent in as many games.  Ian and Craig returned to the lineup and made an immediate difference.  The Seraphim scored 13 in the first inning and never looked back, winning 23-3 in five innings.  Tino pitched a great game, with multiple pitches hitting the ridge of the plate and bouncing forward or sideways.  The Seraphim played a solid game all around and were happy to get on the board with their first win of the year!

Fourth Game:  Watch out for that tree!
The Seraphim took the field against their cross-town rivals, the New Life Disciples.  Tino continued his mastery at the plate, and the Seraphim jumped out to an early lead.  But New Life closed the gap to 8-7 mid-game.  The Seraphim said, “We’re going to have to earn this one!”  And earn it they did, with an 11-run inning, putting the game out of reach!  Cam and Craig hit back to back home runs.  One of the opposing players threw the ball into the trunk of a tree, allowing two more runs to score.  Final score: Seraphim 24, New Life 7.  The Seraphim are the hot team right now, with 47 runs scored in the last two games and a rising run total in every game (6, 14, 23, 24).  They have now evened their record at 2-2.

Fifth and Sixth Games:  Whoops!
Uncharacteristic errors plagued the Seraphim in their fifth game, following a two-week break due to rain.  These included throwing to the wrong base, stepping off the bag early, thinking an inning was over and the more typical booted ball.  Somehow the team still had a chance to win.  An early lead against Living Word had evaporated and the score was tied 10-10 at the top of the 7th.  Living Word scored 5 in their half of the inning.  The Seraphim scored 3 and had the winning run on base, but couldn’t get it across.  The frustration mounted the next night when the team had to forfeit a game when they couldn’t field enough players.  On the bright side, we added a new player (Ian Jr.) who made an immediate impact, and our #1 fan Ken was able to return to the sidelines after missing all of last season.  An amusing highlight was learning that Cam is at least 25% faster than Pastor Rich because he hit a home run but had to slow down to keep from running into the pastor, who had started from first!  Here’s hoping for better results next week ~ let’s go, Seraphim!

Game Seven:  Rerun
Errors again continued to plague the Seraphim on a strange night in which the team had a home run in their first at-bat (Cam), took the early lead, lost it, got it back, lost it, and were tied 10-10 at the top of the seventh.  (Sound familiar?)  The LI Baptists scored 10 in their half of the inning.  Some of the strange errors included overthrows, wild throws, hitting a runner in the back with the ball and forgetting to cover a base.  And just like last week, the team still had a chance to win.  The Seraphim scored 6 and had the bases loaded with the winning run at the plate but couldn’t get it across.  We’ve now reached the halfway point in the season ~ the team has the talent, and hopefully on their first road trip they will be ready to write a new script!

Game Eight:  Fighting Hard
John pitched for the first time this season, as Tino joined the ranks of the injured.  (He hopes to be back next week.)  The Seraphim again started strong with a home run from Ian Jr. putting the team up 2-0.  (Ian Sr. would later hit TWO home runs!)  But Our Savior Psalms placed the ball well and accumulated a ten-run lead.  Once again, the Seraphim had their backs to the wall, scored 5 in the bottom of the 7th and loaded the bases with no one out ~ but couldn’t do any more.  Still, the team felt that this was a better game, with no egregious errors and a whole lot of grit.

Game Nine:  The Bats Wake Up!
What a night for the Seraphim, who needed a big win and got it.  Fred (one of five remaining veterans from our original team) hit a home run.  Not to be outdone, his son Matt hit TWO home runs.  Jake hit for the cycle.  The Seraphim led from beginning to end behind the pitching of Tino (first 5 innings) and John (last 2 innings).  But the team really came on strong in the top of the 7th inning, batting around twice and scoring 17 runs with two outs.  Final score was Seraphim 34, Bayport 15.  No one on the team could remember ever scoring that many runs before.  Fittingly, John’s final pitch hit the front of home plate and bounced back toward the mound for the game’s last out.  It was a 2-hour game, but no one felt tired at the end.  Let’s go, Seraphim!

Game Ten:  A Rainbow of Blessings
The team struck early, with a few runs in the first inning, but then the Patchogue Righteous Brethren came roaring back and took the lead.  The Seraphim were looking a bit listless until Fred Seeba arrived just in time to be inserted in the 11-spot at the top of the third.  His signature walk may not look like much on paper, but it was the beginning of an inning in which the Seraphim batted around twice and took control of the game.  In the seventh inning, a beautiful rainbow appeared behind home plate without any rain.  (Actually, all rainbows are beautiful!)  The final score was Seraphim 25, PRB 12.  Tuesday’s game was rained out.  With four games to go, the Seraphim are sitting at 4-6 while outscoring their opponents 170-122.  To paraphrase, when the team wins, they win big, and when they lose, they lose close.

Game Eleven:  Solid Softball
Great fielding was the mark of this game, which featured multiple double plays from the Seraphim as well as a spectacular catch by Ian Jr. in left.  Hitting was consistent, errors were non-existent, pitching was professional and after jumping to a 10-0 lead, the Seraphim withstood a late rally from Living Word and won 10-5.

Games Twelve and Thirteen ~ Doubleheader!
The team played a doubleheader under the lights at Casamento Park in Bay Shore. their first opponent was Gospel Community Valor #2 and their second was the Missio Messengers, each with records better than the Seraphim.  It was a hot night, but the Seraphim were hotter.  In the first game, Ian, Cam and Jake ALL hit for the cycle, and the team turned in a dominant performance, winning 31-16.  The second looked to be well in hand, with a 12-run lead in the fifth inning, until the other team complained that the pitcher’s rubber was too close to the plate and asked that the game be played again from the start.  This threw off the Seraphim, who had a terrible inning and fell behind by two runs.  Then Missio asked the ump if they could take back their protest.  The Seraphim were irritated, but focused.  In the seventh inning, the Seraphim tied the game with home runs from Ian Sr. and Lee.  The opposing pitcher walked Rich to get to Ashley, then walked Ashley.  Unfortunately their first baseman made a great play to get the final out and send the game into extra innings.  The Messengers went 1-2-3 in the inning, setting up big drama for the Seraphim.  Ian Jr. hit a double.  Jake hit a long fly ball.  Was it long enough?  Ian thought it was, broke for home, and you could hear Phil Rizzuto yelling, holy cow, I think he’s gonna make it, and here comes the throw, and he’s safe!  Game over!  Seraphim win!  All told, the Seraphim scored a whopping 51 runs over the course of four hours, leaving the ballpark at 10 p.m.  The team was beat, but they hadn’t been beaten.  They are on a 5-game winning streak (featuring 120 runs!) headed into the final game of the season, and are guaranteed at least an even record with a chance at a winning record.

Game Fourteen ~ Ready for the Playoffs!
The last game of the regular season was played against Islip Methodist, and was a showcase for our pitcher (Tino), hitters and fielders.  The Seraphim won 17-2, ending their regular season on a 6-game winning streak and surging from a 2-6 record to an 8-6 record.  Total runs scored this season: Seraphim 248, opponents 166.  The playoffs begin Monday.  The Seraphim will play in the B Division, which contains 7 teams.  The team is looking sharp, firing on all cylinders ~ but as we all know, the playoffs even everyone’s record at 0-0 and it’s a whole new ball game.

The divisions were shuffled for the playoffs as two divisions became three.  This sent the top two B teams to the Seraphim, giving them an unexpected challenge.

Game One:  In the first inning, Three Village Brethren scored 4 and the Seraphim scored 5.  The same thing happened in the second.  In the third, no one scored for either team.  The Seraphim were feeling confident, but then the Brethren started hitting balls into the trees and shutting the Seraphim down on defense, knocking them down into the Losers’ Bracket.

Game Two:  Game Two was actually played twice.  On Monday, the team had the home field advantage against First Presbyterian.  The game was tied 10-10 after 3 innings, but then every cell phone in the stands went off with a flood warning and massive clouds gathered overhead.  This ominous portent took a while to catch the attention of the umps, who waited until the fifth flash of lightning to call the game; and then the skies opened.  After downpours Tuesday morning, the team thought the game would be cancelled, but learned Tuesday afternoon that the game would be replayed in its entirety in Babylon due to a scheduling quirk.  The Seraphim were only able to field 8 players for the first half inning and 9 for the rest, but it was not enough.  Still, it was an incredible season, our biggest regret being that we couldn’t win another game for All-Star Jake, who will be moving to Montana with his family at the end of the month.  Jake, it’s been great!

For all the details from around the league, click here.






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