CreationfestDSC_0519Our Youth Group is open to all youth, grades 6-12, regardless of faith affiliation.  Friends are always welcome!  We often split the group into middle and senior high sub-groups.  Each meeting includes a time of sharing and a time of prayer.  Attendance ranges from 5-15 for regular meetings, but can top 30 for special events.  We typically meet every other week during the school year on Fridays or Sundays, and we enjoy a wide variety of activities, including theme nights (topical discussion and activities), game nights, dinners (including progressive dinners and hosted dinners) and service projects.  We also enjoy outings to the beach, Splish Splash, Six Flags, the Bronx Zoo, harvest festivals and other fun places.  In the last few years we have also gone to the Creation Festival in PA and on mission trips to Warrensburg, NY, Lynn, MA, Rutland, VT and Harrisburg PA.

FullSizeRender6The 2017 Harrsiburg mission trip was our fourth through the YouthWorks association.  The team saw food from farm to food bank, helping to sort, transport and distribute produce in the community.  They helped build a compost bin, took part in a community cookout, and got to know youth from other churches as they worked and worshiped together.  Then they came back and shared the experience with the congregation.  Our youth have a heart for serving Christ and it was wonderful to share this experience with them!

The 2016-17 season kicked off with our annual youth family trip to Shelter Island.  Our next meetings were a game night, a candle-and-monster-making night, and a Caroling and Christmas party.  2017 began with a New Year’s program, craft night and volleyball at Bayport.  After that came the Palm Sunday Pageant and mission and beach trips.  The fall began with our annual trip to Camp Quinipet and will continue with our Caroling and Christmas Party and a No-Sleep Sleepover the Friday between Christmas and New Year’s.  We are also hoping to launch a youth Bible study before the end of the year.

DSC_0502Youth Sundays
Every few months, the youth are in charge of the worship service.  These services are a combination of messages, skits and music.  In addition to popular Christian songs, we’ve sung songs by Mumford & Sons, Kris Allen, Michael Buble, Selena Gomez, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Coldplay, fun, Sara Bareilles and Christina Perri.  Our last Youth Service was a musical comedy called “Navigation.”  Our next Youth Service will follow soon!

If you would like to receive regular updates on youth activities, please email the pastor at

Photo credits:  The panoramic photo is from Creationfest’s Facebook page; all of the other photos were taken by our parents and youth.  Thank you to all of our photographers!  🙂

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