In-person worship continues Sundays at 10 a.m. ~ no sign-ups needed, but masks and social distancing are required.
Online services will continue indefinitely, and daily posts for the immediate future.

Our Thrift Shop is open on Saturdays only from 10-2.  Precautions include mandatory masks and gloves for all workers and volunteers, a plastic sheet to protect cashiers, and a shopper limit of 8.

Now that we are a year into the pandemic, we are preparing for Phase Two: the restoration of various church activities and a reimagining of the post-pandemic church.  In the next few months, we will be having committee meetings, fixing things around the church, and hopefully expanding our programs and ministries once more.  Pastor Rich will be with us through the upcoming year to guide us through.  We thank the Bishop for changing his mind on a reappointment this year!

Church Hygiene Kits are one of the first things distributed by Church World Service in a disaster.  They may be small, but they are very much needed and appreciated by those who receive them.  Simply follow the instructions below and bring your completed kits to Church by Sunday, April 18. If you have any questions, see Al Croce.

One wide-tooth comb removed from the package
One fingernail or toenail clipper removed from the package
One hand towel measuring 15″ x 28″ to 16″ x 32″
(no fingertip, bath, dish towel or micro-fiber)
One batch size bar of soap in the wrapper
One toothbrush in the package
Ten standard size Band-Aids
One washcloth

All items need to fit inside a one-gallon plastic zipper closure bag. Remove the excess air from the bag and seal before boxing. Do not add any extra items or toothpaste. A tube of extended expiration date toothpaste will be added to each Hygiene Kit just prior to its journey. Value: $15 Processing fee: $2 per Kit *Do not enclose money inside the kits or in the shipping boxes. Find shipping and donation instructions at

We are continuing to collect food on an ongoing basis.  The food bin is located in the back of the church, with donations given to the Sayville Food Pantry.  More people are hungry than ever before, so please give generously to your community!

The Sayville Food Pantry is open from 9:30-12 Tuesday-Thursday.  In addition to food, they also have a limited amount of funds available for anyone who may need monetary assistance.  The pantry is located at 47 Gillette Avenue in Sayville.  They are accepting food donations as well as gas and supermarket gift cards.

Looking for help of any kind (information, health screening and more?).
Here’s a constantly updated list of community resources.