Our Year of Joy continues with Sunday in-person worship at 10 a.m.
Online worship will continue indefinitely, so please choose the worship option you are most comfortable with.

Giving to Disaster Relief

Whether wildfires, hurricanes or other natural disasters, the United Methodist Committee on relief is always part of the response team.  They have been active this season in places such as Haiti, Tennessee and New Orleans.  If you’d like to see what they are doing and to donate, simply visit their website.

Safety Guidelines
(Revised September 20; latest changes in bold)

1. Every other pew is roped off to provide an additional level of protection.
2. Masks are recommended, but not required, for the unvaccinated.  We will not ask for proof of vaccination.
3. Please do not sit next to someone wearing a mask unless invited.  The mask means they are being cautious.
We expect some people will wear masks for a while for their own comfort and safety.
4.  Please do not come to church if you are sick.  We will always have an online option.
5.  Offering baskets are at the back, with two ushers, two offering baskets and two bulletin baskets, one at each door.
6.  We will begin to experiment with inddor Coffee Hours this fall (no masks required).
We will start with simple snacks and drinks as we determine the comfort level of those attending.

7.  Choir, communion and baptisms will resume this fall.
Communion will be with individual cups rather than the common cup.

8.  We will hold off on the passing of the peace and holding hands at the end for now.
9.  Indoor meetings such as Bible Studies, Garden Club and committee meetings: rules are up to the group although they must be unanimous; in other words, if one person needs others to wear masks for their protection, all must wear masks.  Groups may also make their own rules regarding snacks.
10.  We will revisit all rules at the next Church Council meeting on November 8, or right away if conditions change.

Thank you to the Church Council for a great discussion and for arriving at these conclusions together; thank you to the Holy Spirit for guiding us; thank you to God for helping us to get through this crisis and begin to feel safe again!

We continue to collect food on an ongoing basis.  The food bin is located in the back of the church, with donations given to the Sayville Food Pantry.  More people are hungry than ever before, so please give generously to your community!

The Sayville Food Pantry is open from 9:30-12 Tuesday-Thursday.  In addition to food, they also have a limited amount of funds available for anyone who may need monetary assistance.  The pantry is located at 47 Gillette Avenue in Sayville.  They are accepting food donations as well as gas and supermarket gift cards.

Looking for help of any kind (information, health screening and more?).
Here’s a constantly updated list of community resources.