Sunday School

On this page, Tammy shares ideas for crafts, prayers and Scriptures to share with kids to make Sunday School a home experience for the whole family!  Our Sunday School is also meeting in person on Sunday mornings in Fellowship Hall!

Halloween Devotions that are Fun!

Halloween can be a scary night where people play tricks and dress up as monsters; it can be a time where people focus on the bad of the world instead of the good, but you do not need to be scared just because people are acting scary. Halloween can be a fun time where we have fun with our friends and family. Here are a few super easy Halloween devotions and activities that you can do with your family and friends that are simple and fun! 

Raising Lazarus

 Read John 11:1-44 or watch the fun video clip below!

Create Walking Mummy Hot Dog treats! Enjoy them as you read or listen, or participate in your devotion activities.

Decorate a mummy pumpkin! There’s no carving and you can even substitute tape if you wanted to leave out the gluing.

Ezekiel’s Dry Bones

Read about the dry bones in Ezekiel 37:1-14. Talk about what God’s vision meant.

Here is a silly video and great song! Let’s sing about how Ezekiel connected dem dry bones!

Solve the Dry Bones word search!

Pray as a family that God will use your hands, your feet, and all of your bones to extend His love to those around you.

Whooo Is The Holy Ghost?

Halloween is also a time when we talk about ghosts and spirits. The Bible talks about ghosts and spirits too. God’s Word tells us that there is a ghost that is present in our lives today. God through the Holy Spirit is working with us daily to help us deal with the problems that we face. The Holy Spirit rather than scaring us, comforts us in both good and bad times.

Here is a fun activity that will help to explain how the Holy Ghost helps protect us!

Always remember kids…

 God is bigger than anything that is scary in this world. When we are scared we should seek God. God loves us and He loves when we talk to Him. He wants us to come when we are happy, sad, mad, or scared, God wants us to come to Him with everything!

Dear God, thank you that we do not need to be afraid when you are with us. Thank you that we are always able to come to you and that you are taking care of us.  We love you so much, amen!

Let your light shine so people everywhere see your good actions and praise God in heaven because of it.” Matthew 5:16

God’s Word is like a pumpkin

Pumpkins are used to make jack-o’-lanterns! But did you know that pumpkins and pumpkin seeds are also good to eat? Pumpkins are a great example of all that God had given us, and for all the things that grow! A pumpkin is a little like the Bible. Most people don’t know that a pumpkin is nutritious, and lots of people don’t know that the Bible really feeds our souls. They think it is just an old, dusty book. People throw out the guts of the pumpkin often, and likewise, lots of people never read the Bible.

Is pumpkin good for health?

What are the benefits of eating pumpkin? Pumpkin is a very healthy food to eat and there are many pumpkin benefits. The vitamins and minerals in pumpkin promotes a whole range of health benefits from good eyesight to boosting immune systems!

Pumpkin Nutrition Facts
It is full of vitamins, minerals, and even antioxidants.
That means eating pumpkin can help:
Promote healthy eyesight
Boost immune system
Protect your skin
Promote heart health
Adds fiber to your diet

Just like the pumpkin is rich in many nutritious elements, so is the Bible rich in all sorts of spiritual nutrition. There are Psalms and stories and facts and proofs and poetry and prophecies, all of which help us know a little more of what God is like, and that information makes us wise, like the insides of a pumpkin make us healthy.

The Parable of the Farmer and the Seeds

How is the Bible like a seed?
How do we “plant” the Bible?
Where does God want us to plant the seeds of His Word?

Let’s roast up these pumpkin seeds – and sprinkle them with salt. Jesus said in Matthew 5:13, “You are the salt of the earth.” Salt means spiritual strength that goes out to others. We’ll be a little more healthy, and if we share, it’ll be a little like sharing the Gospel. And we can share the good news that God wants to make us spiritually healthy throughout the pumpkin season!

Kids’ Favorite Pumpkin Seeds

Cinnamon and Sugar Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

“The leaves change, but God never changes!”

We see seasons change each year. The world is going around and around.  The trees change colors, drop leaves, then grow new ones in the spring and hold green all summer. Then it happens all over again.  Kind of like our bodies change and grow constantly. We get bigger, our hair gets longer, we lose teeth and grow new ones.

And our routines can change. School may look a little different this year, friends and teachers are wearing masks, and sometimes we may need to learn online from home.

Change can be fun, but it can also be hard.  Sometimes it makes you feel worried or uncertain. Life will always change, and you won’t know what to expect. 

The amazing thing is that while our lives change, GOD never changes. God loves you the same each day, no matter what. Nothing will affect his goodness towards you. Nothing else in the world is as certain and dependable as God. 

We know these things from the Bible  🙂

Hebrews 13:8 – Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

Isaiah 40:8 – The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.

Psalm 11:90 – God’s faithfulness endures to all generations.

When you see the leaves start to change, you know that winter is coming. The hot days of summer have had their time and now it is time to get ready for change. Even if lots of things change around us, even if we change, God always loves us, even if we change, God always loves us and God does NOT change.

Our lives have different seasons as well. There are easy times, hard times, times to work, times to rest, times to grow, times to stand still, and a time to move forward. Sometimes it is obvious that our life is about to go into a new season. We see things start to change, kind of like the colors of Fall.

We can have comfort in knowing that life may have ups and downs, but God will always stay the same. Even though times get colder, darker, and more difficult, we know that God is our Rock that we can stand on. Nothing can shake Him. That is a peaceful place to be, as the leaves fall around us.

Being outdoors is a great way for children to experience quietness, without television, music, or anything electronic. It sets the stage for quiet walks with God later as they grow older.  Fall is a great time to collect leaves, to make creations from your beautiful collection and celebrate all that God has created!

Here’s a link to some more family fun activities:

17 Fall-Themed Bible Based Crafts and Activities

Prayer:  Dear God, thank you for your unchanging love! Help us to always  remember : Everything falls into place when we put You first! We love you Lord! In Jesus name we pray.  Amen. 

Fall Fun Jar ~ Stay In Touch With God!

We really miss having Sunday School in person, but even more, our teachers miss seeing our children!  This week we’ve prepared Fall Fun Jars for families with kids who were attending Sunday School before the pandemic.  These will be delivered during the week.

There are many ways to enjoy these jars, but our hope is that you will unpack them as a family and have your own Sunday School at home!  Here are three approaches you can use:

Approach #1:  Wing it!  We’ll never know.  : )
Approach #2:  Watch this week’s sermon, in which Pastor Rich has an actual jar and explains everything!  (Note:  there are a couple differences between the ones in the video and the ones you’ll receive ~ for example, Pastor Rich could not find 12 little phones.  You’ll understand when you watch.)
Approach #3:  Use the handy guide below!

Animal:  Every jar has a different animal.  Some are pets, and some are barnyard animals.  Do you know what the animal in your jar does in the fall?  For example, do cows fly south for winter?  Do pigs hibernate?  Do dogs make nests?  If you don’t know, look it up!

Broom:  You may think that this is a witch’s broom, but it’s meant to represent cleaning.  You could use it to clean your house, but it’s really little.  Some people do spring cleaning, but others do fall cleaning as well.  Is there anything in the house you’re done with, but is still in good condition?  Put them in Mommy or Daddy’s car to be donated to the Thrift Shop!  Maybe another child will enjoy what you enjoyed (just like in Toy Story!).

Bird:  Jesus tells his disciples that he loves little birds and that his dad (God) takes care of them.  But he says that God loves us even more than birds.  He says, “So don’t be worried or anxious about anything.”  If you’re worried or anxious about anything, write the first letter of what you’re worried about on a piece of paper, then change it into another word, just as God changes our fear into confidence and our sorrow into joy!

Butterfly:  People normally think of butterflies along with spring, but many butterflies appear in fall.  This is because they are made out of butter, and it takes all summer to churn the milk and turn it into butter so the butterflies can be born.  Just kidding!  Do you know where butterflies really come from?  The storks bring them!  Just kidding again!  Anyway, butterflies represent change.  As the seasons change, we do too.  What are some of the things we do in fall that are different from summer?

Candle:  You may have noticed that the sun is setting earlier each day.  Do you know why?  And do you know what day the days will start to get longer again?  (Hint: It’s not when you think!)  And do you know what day we “fall back” this year?  (Hint: it’s a fun one!)  And do you know what time the sun sets today?  The candle reminds us that God’s light is always shining, just like the sun ~ even when we don’t see it.

Football or Baseball:  Fall is when football season returns and the World Series takes place.  Do you have a favorite team?  Does your whole family have the same favorite team?  Make a banner and put it in your window or next to your TV!

Fork or Spoon:  Try eating with these, maybe something small like yogurt or grapes.  the Bible says, “Taste and see that the Lord is good!”  What foods do you like that appear mostly in fall?  See how many you can name or play a guessing game where one person thinks of a food and the others ask yes or no questions!

Fruit:  God says that if we remain connected to Him, we will produce fruit no matter what the season!  Miss Tammy and Pastor Rich LOVE talking about the Fruits of the Spirit.  We talk about them so much that you are probably sick of them right now.  We even have banners in the church that has all the fruits listed on them.  But can you name them?  If not, we’ll keep talking about them!  (Hint:  there are 9.  The first 3 have 1 syllable, the second 3 have 2 syllables and the third 3 have 3 syllables.)

Honey:  Lots of people hate bees, but most people love honey.  In the same way, many people hate rainy days, but the flowers need the rain.  Sometimes life doesn’t go as we’d like, but there is still sweetness in life.  For example, do you know the answers to these questions:  Why do trees lose their leaves?  What good things do bees do besides make honey?  Why do we eat vegetables?  Then use the honey as a dip.  If you’ve never tried it on chicken nuggets, you’re missing a treat!

Leaf:  There’s a saying, “turn over a new leaf.”  It means trying something new.  You’ve tried a lot of new things lately ~ what else would you like to try together as a family?  Another cool thing about fall leaves is that when the green goes away, it reveals the colors that were hidden all along.  In the same way, as you get older, you will find that you have some hidden talents as well!

Nut:  Do you know what squirrels are doing right now?  Collecting nuts for the winter!  (They do eat some.)  It’s been said that a squirrel can hide up to a thousand nuts in different places and still find them all!  Hide the nut somewhere in the room and see if the other people in your family can find it!

Pom Pom:  This is probably the world’s smallest pom-pom.  Pom-poms are used by cheerleaders.  Do you know anyone who can use some cheering up?  Write them a card or maybe even bake them some cookies!  (And you can have some cookies too!  The broken ones really taste good!)

Pumpkin:  There’s a fun holiday in the middle of the fall.  Do you know what it is?  That’s right, Halloween!  Halloween is a time when kids wear costumes and go out into the dark to show that they are not afraid.  And they get candy!  Halloween may be different this year, but it can still be fun.  What would you like to be this year?  What candy do you hope you’ll get?

Thread:  There’s always something that needs fixing around the house: an appliance, a toy, a fence.  What needs fixing in your house?  When we are broken, God wants to help put us back together.  Can you fix something today?

Worda:  We threw in some random words (about 8 two-sided pieces in each jar for a total of 16 words).  What’s your favorite and why?  Which words go together?  Have you learned any new words lately?

Yarn:  Birds love finding pieces of yarn in order to make their nests.  What sort of things make you feel safe?  One of them can be that God loves you!  It’s been six months since we had Sunday School in person ~ do you still know the words of “Jesus Loves Me?”  Can you sing it?  Remember that God loves you no matter what the weather, no matter what the season, wherever you are and however old you are, and God will never stop loving you.  Happy fall!

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