Sunday School

On this page, Tammy shares ideas for crafts, prayers and Scriptures to make Sunday School a home experience for the whole family!  Our Sunday school is also meeting in person on Sunday mornings in Fellowship Hall!

Easter People (Or Peeple!)

Jesus is alive! Jesus uses us to bring his message of hope to people everyday. God is a God of second chances.

 No matter what we do or don’t do, say or don’t say, think or don’t think, we will always be Easter people. The resurrection of Jesus gives us the gift of starting over and trying again. This means that every day it is important to ask yourself, “What does it mean to me personally that, Jesus died and rose again? How does it change the way I behave every day?” 

“We know that in everything God works for the good of those who love him. They are the people God called, because that was his plan.”Romans 8:28 ICB


God created the first people, Adam and Eve, to have fellowship with Him and their hearts were pure.

But then what happened?  Adam and Eve disobeyed God. When Adam and Eve ate the apple in the garden, sin invaded their hearts. From that point onward, every person was born with an unclean heart and we couldn’t have the fellowship with God that He created us to have. Although we were created to be in God’s family, sin kept us out. 

Craft Supplies: Print out the 3 hearts. Color one heart red and one black.

Click to access Heart-Cut-Out-1.2.pdf


DIRTY (Black Heart)

Go outside and smear some glue on your black heart.  Sprinkle dirt on top.

The dirty, black heart is a reminder that we have all sinned and disobeyed God, just like Adam and Eve. We sin when we disobey our parents and our teachers. Our sin keeps us away from God. We cannot be friends with God when we have the darkness of sin in our heart. This is sad news.

REDEEMED (Red Heart)

 But thankfully it doesn’t end here. No, there is very good news!  Jesus came to rescue us and clean our hearts. His life could clean our hearts and bring us back into a relationship with God.  Redemption sure is sweet! This doesn’t mean we stop sinning completely, but it does mean we learn to live like Jesus did, according to God’s Word. When we put our trust in Jesus and receive this forgiveness, our lives are made clean from our sin. The red heart reminds us of this!

 Read John 3:16: “For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son. God gave his Son so that whoever believes in him may not be lost, but have eternal life.”

CLEAN (White Heart)

And once we’ve asked Jesus to clean our hearts, God doesn’t see our imperfections, sin and dirtiness anymore.  Because Jesus died on the cross for us, our hearts don’t have to be filled with yucky sin.  There is a verse in the Bible that says, ‘Create in me a CLEAN heart’ (Psalm 51:10).  We can ask God to clean our hearts and because Jesus died for us, He will.

The only thing God sees when He looks at us is His perfect son, Jesus. This is what the white heart represents!


God has a mission for us! He is like a gardener and we are like His garden. And, just like a plant needs sun and water regularly, we need to worship, pray, and read/talk about the Bible stories regularly. Even though these might seem like little things to do, if we keep doing them on a regular basis, then we will grow with God’s love, light, and life within us.

Craft Supplies: Print out and color the leaf.

The leaf reminds us that we are called to GROW! As God helps us to grow, we shine as lights in the world! 


When we follow Jesus, we are called to be light in this world! Sometimes, we may feel like our light doesn’t matter. But, in a world that is filled with darkness, even the smallest light can make a difference.

Craft Supplies: Print out and color the flame.

 We shine Jesus’ light when we love one another and take care of other people. When we do these things, people who live in darkness will be drawn to God’s incredible light!

 Let your light shine wherever you are! In this video missionaries and their friends from all over the world sing, play music and dance to the gospel song “This Little Light of Mine.”

The flame reminds us to be light and GO reach out to those who don’t know Jesus!


When the mission that God has called us to on earth comes to an end, we get to go to heaven to forever be with Jesus.  And we too will receive a crown.  

“But we see Jesus! For a short time he was made lower than the angels. But now we see him wearing a crown of glory and honor because he suffered and died. Because of God’s grace, he died for everyone.” Hebrews 2:9 ICB

Craft Supplies: Print out and color a crown.

As you color your crown, add glitter and/or jewels, you can share the hope of heaven and getting to be with Jesus!

When the mission that God has called us to on earth comes to an end, we get to go to heaven to forever be with Jesus.  As children of God, we too will receive a crown.  The crown reminds us that someday we will get to go live with Jesus in heaven. 

“Now, a crown is waiting for me. I will get that crown for being right with God. The Lord is the judge who judges rightly, and he will give me the crown on that Day.[a] He will give that crown not only to me but to all those who have waited with love for him to come again.” 2 Timothy 4:8 ICB

Activity: Now punch a hole and thread each coloring page together with a pipe cleaner. Now you have the wonderful story of a life made beautiful.


 Prayer: Thank you God for sending Jesus to save us. Help us to be “Easter people” and to celebrate the work of Christ everyday. Give us courage so that we can share your love, your light, and life with others. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

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