Sunday School

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Sunday School is now online!  On this page, Tammy shares ideas for crafts, prayers and Scriptures to share with kids
to make Sunday School a home experience for the whole family

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day for us to pause and remember those who have died in active military service. They died serving our country, making it a great, safe country for us to live.  It is good to stop and remember these brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for us.

A Day of Prayer for Peace and Remembrance

In 1950, President Harry S. Truman asked all Americans to unite in prayer for peace on Memorial Day, and to remember the lives given for our country. The best way to remember them is to pray, thanking God for Christ’s love and sacrifice for us;
as well as for the military personnel who served this country. 

Say Thanks

A fun and easy way to say thanks with your kids is to write a thank-you letter to a veteran or current member of the armed forces. Whether it’s your family member or someone you’ve never met, they will appreciate your kind words.
Draw a picture or write a card to a veteran! makes it super easy to send a letter to men and women in the military! 

Or send a coloring page!

Click to access Thank-You-for-Serving-Coloring-Page.pdf

Family Fun Devotion: Joshua and the Reminder Rocks

The Bible has a lot to say about remembering things that happened; more specifically, remembering things that God did for us. Here is a Family Fun Devotion you can use this Memorial Day (or any day)!

Bible Story

Read Joshua Chapter 4 together or watch a video!

This is the story of God parting the water of the Jordan River for the Israelites to cross.  It was not long before that God had parted the Red Sea and allowed Moses to lead the people across on dry land.  God did something different when Joshua lead the people across the Jordan river.  He told Joshua to choose 12 large rocks out of the middle of the river bed and to take the rocks with them.  The 12 rocks represented the 12 tribes of people that were there.

God told Joshua that the rocks were to be used to create a memorial that would always remind the children of Israel about what God had done for them.  Every time they saw the stone memorial, they would remember the day that God parted the Jordan River, as well as the time God parted the Red Sea and Moses led the people to safety as they ran from the Egyptians.  The reminder rocks would be a memory of the miracles God performed and the way God provided for the Israelites.

Make your own Reminder Rock

 Go outside together and choose a small rock or a stone.  You will want to make sure the rocks are cleaned off. Wash them in the sink or spray them with a hose to get all the dirt off. This will help when you paint them.

As you paint your rocks, talk about the things God has done for your family.  Your rock will be your own Reminder Rock.  When it is dry you can put in on a shelf, on a bedside table, on the window ledge, or any other place that you will see it from time to time. Every time you see your Reminder Rock, think of what God did for the Israelites and the things He has done for you and take a moment to tell Him “thank you”.

Memorial Day Weekend, Quarantine Style

Although we are unable to attend a parade this year
there are other ways to honor the men and women who have served our country!

 National Moment of Remembrance encourages all Americans to pause wherever they are at 3 p.m. on Memorial Day
for a moment of silence to remember and honor those who have died in service to our nation.

 Create a Sidewalk Mural!

Even preschoolers can get into the spirit of celebrating Memorial Day.
Grab some sidewalk chalk and create a giant mural of the American flag.
Memorial Day is a special holiday that you can still enjoy at home.
But don’t forget the most important thing about this special holiday –
to remember and honor our soldiers and all that they’ve done for us.

Play a Memory Game!

You can use your own game of Memory, a deck of cards or check out this Patriotic printable!


Lord, On the last Monday of May, when spring flowers are in bloom and summer is just around the corner, we pause to remember all the brave men and women in our Armed Forces who died while protecting our country, our freedoms, and us.  Amen.

Have a happy Memorial Day!


When you think of an anchor, you probably picture the heavy object that’s tied to a ship that keeps it secure to the bottom of the sea. Anchors keep ships safe in stormy seas. They are strong and stop the ships from floating away from the safe harbor. In Bible, the word anchor is used as a symbol for God and hope.

– Hebrews 6:19 tells us that hope that is the “anchor for our soul”.

God is our Anchor Craft

You will need: long and shorter strips of paper, crescents of paper, hole punch, glue, string or ribbon, and scissors (optional). You can prepare the paper pieces ahead of time or have the children cut them out themselves. Take a longer and a shorter piece of paper and glue them together to make a cross shape. The cross reminds us that we can ask Jesus to help us to be strong and to be with us when times are hard and scary. Write your name inside the crescent and glue it to the bottom of the cross. Hang the anchor using string or ribbon as a sign that you would like Jesus to be like an anchor in your life.

This has been a difficult season – staying inside, missing school, not seeing friends – God wants us to ride the wave, and use this time to grow closer to Him, and trust that He will anchor any storm! God wants to be your anchor. It makes Him happy when we trust Him.

If you know someone who is having a difficult time at the moment, make an anchor for them and ask God to keep them safe.


We can create positive memories from this COVID-19 quarantine. Imagine telling your children and grandchildren about the Great Virus of 2020—and how your family weathered this storm together!

Activity: Quarantine Time Capsule

Finally this week, here’s that video I talked about in my Children’s Message today.  It’s all about ALS and it features my friend Paul (who you probably know from church!)  At the end, the video says how you can help by making a poster!

God will always protect us and give us strength, let’s focus on our Anchor!

What a Friend we have in Jesus!

How cool would it be to say that Covid-19 was a time when we got closer to Jesus?!

What if we looked back on this season that was hard, but we also saw it as spiritual and cherished? This could be the time we slowed down enough to hear His voice and just sit in His presence.

Coloring page can be found here.

 When times seem hard to handle or our emotions are running wild, true friends stick together through thick and thin. Jesus wants us to be a friend who will always share life with him, no matter what is happening in this world.

Here are just a few ways to help teach our kids to be friends with God. It is the sweetest lesson they’ll ever learn!

Listening Prayer

 The more we learn to listen to His voice, the more we get to know His heart, and the more we become like Him.

“Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.” Mark 1:35

If Jesus needed to get alone to be able to have a real conversation with God, so do we!

Help your child get into a comfortable listening position, then pray the following prayer together:

SAY: Jesus, please help me to listen to you today. Help my heart and mind to be quiet so I can hear you. Jesus, what would you like to say to us today?

Listening prayers are such a great way to teach kids that we can be friends with God.

Breath Prayers

This is such a great way to practice the presence of God and check in with Him all day long. Breath prayers are basically prayers paired with breathing. 

Breath Prayer: First, choose a word or brief phrase to repeat in one breath. Now, if it’s a phrase, say one part on the inhale and one part on the exhale. For example, invite your children to think in their minds or whisper to themselves Psalm 56:3. Next, on the inhale, think or say “When I am afraid.” Then, on the exhale, think or say “I will trust in you.” Repeating breath prayers is a meditative practice that can be done with children of almost any age.

Good friends are a special gift from God.

A friend is always loyal, and a brother is born to help in time of need.—Proverbs 17:17

Dolphins are small members of the whale family. Although they swim in the oceans, they breathe air through a special opening in the tops of their heads. They must come to the surface often to take a breath. They usually swim with several other dolphins and leap and dive together in the ocean’s waves. Sometimes they even ride the waves like a surfer does!

But dolphins also care for one another in a very special way. If one dolphin is hurt, its friends will stay close to it and protect it from harm. They may even push the sick dolphin to the surface, so it can take a breath. If its friends didn’t help out, the sick dolphin might drown.

God has given each of us good friends to play with and to help. We all know how wonderful it is to have a good friend when we are feeling lonely, hurt, or sad. God wants us to be good friends to others too. When someone is alone, we can ask him or her to play with us. When someone is sad, we can share a hug or just listen if they want to tell us what is wrong. Good friends are a special gift from God.

• Can you find the place on their heads where the dolphins breathe?

• How has a friend helped you? What could you do to help a friend?

• How do the dolphins help one another?

• Why do you think God wants us to be good friends to one another?

Activity: Write a card or letter to a friend, relative or a person from our church.
Let them know that they are a special gift from God! 

Here are some other ideas of how to create a prayer space for your kids:

•Does your child have a special comfy chair? Keep your child’s Bible on the chair with some verses or a kid’s journal nearby. 

Make a Prayer Box!  Link here, photo below.

•Create an area outdoors like a swing or special spot on the patio where your kids might want to pray. You can even put up an outdoor chalkboard or sign that says “My Prayer Space.” 

• Post notes, prayers, or pictures on one wall in a child’s room or in your child’s closet, on the bathroom mirror, or even on a large poster board, 3 panel presentation board, or bulletin board. 

•Create a prayer chain! Write or draw prayer requests on strips of construction paper.  When you’ve written at least 10 prayer requests, show children how to make prayer chains by gluing the strips into links and looping. Each day tear off a link and pray for one or more of the concerns.

Bedtime Prayers

 Ending your day with prayer is a wonderful way to find peace before falling asleep.  Bedtime prayers also help us to see all the good things that happened in our day that we have to be thankful for!

Create a Jesus pillow!  See the link here.

Friendship Journal

This is a great way to develop a friendship with God.  Have your kids keep a journal where they write letters, questions, and prayers to Jesus.  You can help them think of questions to ask God and let them journal or draw anything God might be pressing on their hearts. 

Start a prayer journal!  Instructions are here, photos are below!

My Best Friend (Music Video) – Hillsong Kids

Give Him All Your Worries

Read  Philippians 4:6-7 together: 

 Just like we share our joys and our worries with friends, we should share EVERYTHING with Jesus, our best friend! Isn’t it awesome that Jesus asks us to pray about absolutely everything? He never gets tired of us. Don’t forget to thank Him too!

Happy May from Miss Tammy!

 Connect with God through Nature

Psalm 19 begins, “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands” (Psalm 19:1).
When we see the sun rising, hear the mighty wind, feel a warm spring breeze, witness the growth of spring flowers,
or hear the sweet song of the birds, we are able to worship God through our senses!

Click here to visit the website to download the image below!

God is a really big deal! He made everything.

Activity: Create chalk art outside while enjoying the warm breeze: paint the nature that you hear, see, or feel!

 The beauty of creation, the birds that sing, the bugs that crawl, the color and variety of the
spring flowers and trees, are the creative artistry of God! 

Enjoy the beauty of creation, as we connect it to our magnificent creator who really is the best Artist!


 On a clear night, go outside and lie on a blanket and look at the stars!
As we look at the stars, point out that God knows every star by name! (Psalm 147:4)
If God knows the names of the stars and cares for them, how much more does He know us and care for us!

Talk about how God used stars in the Bible. From making a point to Abraham to using the stars to guide the shepherds to the newborn Jesus, this true history in the Bible seems to come alive even more as you sit under a sky full of stars!
Thank God for the awe and magnificence of a starry night.

Too cold outside?  Bring the stars inside!
All you’ll need is some cardboard and paint, scissors, glue, miscellaneous trinkets and any kind of string!  See the photo below!


God is the one who makes the thunder and the lighting and the rain.
Simply knowing God is the one who made the storm, and God is the one in control of the storm helps calm our fears. 

Read how Jesus calms the storm in Matthew 8 23-27.

 Jesus demonstrated His power over the wind and the waves and the storm when all He had to say was,
“Peace! Be still” and everything became calm!


More Ideas to Connect with God through Nature

Watch the sunset or sunrise: Make it an event! Bring blankets and pillows (or coffee and juice!!!!)
as you enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.

Lay in the grass and look at the clouds. Talk about the different shapes you see in the clouds that God created!

Take a nature walk and look for different colors, creatures, sights and sounds!

Gather a collection of nature objects that remind you of God’s wonders!
For suggestions, see 20 Crafts Made from Nature from Kids Activities!

And finally today, let’s end with a nature prayer!

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