Sunday School

On this page, Tammy shares ideas for crafts, prayers and Scriptures to make Sunday School a home experience for the whole family!  Our Sunday school is also meeting in person on Sunday mornings in Fellowship Hall!  

Happy New Year!

Lord, I will remember what you did. Yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago. – Psalm 77:11 

Do you think you have a good memory?  How much can you remember that happened in 2021?  Have you noticed that people do a lot of remembering this time of year? Everywhere you look on TV, in magazines and on the internet, people are remembering the best and worst things that happened in 2021. They talk about the biggest news stories, the biggest movies and other special things that happened.

But way more important than remembering all of that stuff is remembering what God has done. New Year’s Eve can be a fun time to look back at the last year and remember the cool things God has been up to in our lives.

In the book of Joshua, the Bible talks about how important it is to remember what God has done. For years and years and years, God had been promising to give His special people, the Israelites, their very own country, a place called the promised land. They used to be slaves in Egypt, but God rescued them, and in this story He does a miracle by stopping the water of a river so the people could cross over to their new home.

Wow, what a big day! The Israelites got a brand new home thanks to God’s amazing power, and they didn’t even have to get wet going there.  God did not want His people to forget the awesome things He had done.  He didn’t want them to forget how much He loved them, so here is what He told them to do.

Read Joshua 4:1-7 together. 

What did Joshua have the people do? How do you think they felt every time they saw that pile of stones?

Timeline Activity

Make a timeline! Write the name of each of the twelve months on a piece of paper and see how much you can remember that happened in your life in 2021 and write them by the month when they occurred. Include big things and small things, good things and bad things.

Here’s a printable timeline template to get you started!

Click to access Free-Printable-Blank-Timeline-Templates-for-Kids.pdf

Let’s take a look at your family timeline. Look at all of these things that happened to you this last year.  What are some things on our list that we can thank God for? Where did God show up this year? What are some hard things that He helped you through?

How months do you think God was with you?  One month?  Two?  No, God was with you every single day! Remembering the cool things God has done gives us courage to face the future.  The same God who was with you this past year, promises to be with you in the new year no matter what.

What is a resolution?

Resolution is a very big word and when we make a resolution, we commit to something important to us.  Since God is very important, we can look to Him to find out what we can make a resolution about. We can look to God’s word for ideas on how to live better. As we learn and grow this year, remember God will help mold us along the way.

 Listen to what the Bible says in Isaiah 64:8. “Yet, O LORD, You are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of Your hand.”

Why do you think the Bible compares us to clay? Why doesn’t it call us rocks or bricks or something that is already finished being made? 

The Bible doesn’t talk about play-doh, but clay is close!

If you were to describe play-doh to someone who had never seen it, what would you say? Yes, it’s soft and smooth and squishy. You can change the shape of it easily. You can pat it out thin or roll it into a ball shape. You can make all sorts of shapes and objects with it. 

Open a jar of play dough and just have fun playing with it. Now I’m going to ask you to make something out of your “lump” of dough. God calls himself the potter and He refers to us as the clay.

God is always molding us and changing us. He wants you to grow up spiritually and become like His Son Jesus. God wants you to develop the kind of character described in the beatitudes (Matthew 5:1-12), and the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) 

God loves us so much. He’ll always want us to be growing and changing and having new purposes. He puts people and happenings in our lives that help to mold us. Even when bad things happen to us or those around us, God is using these bad times to change us and shape us.

So, in this New Year, remember God will shape us and mold us if we allow Him to! Our job is to stay soft and squishy and open to God so He can do His work in our lives. He is the potter, and we are the clay!

Song: Potter and the Clay! Good News Guys! | Fun Christian Songs for Kids!

Prayer:  God, thank You for all that you did for us this past year. Help us remember how good You are as we go into the new year. Help us to be the kind of clay that your hands can work on so that we can be more like Jesus, in whose name we pray. Amen.

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