The Reverend Richard Allen has been a United Methodist pastor for 35 years, and has served the Sayville UMC since 2002.  He received his divinity degree from the Candler School of Theology at Emory University.  His church interests include Bible study, youth and contemporary Christian music; his outside interests include beach volleyball, the beach and modern instrumental music.  He drinks coffee twice a day, which is why some of his sermons seem over-caffeinated.

Lee Schaarschmidt is our music director and the leader of our church choir and band.  He is also the music director for Centereach High School, where he conducts the band during school musicals ~ although he will be retiring (say it ain’t so!) in 2021.  For the past few years, he has also been the captain of our church’s softball team, the Seraphim.  Lee plays a lot of different instruments, but is especially fond of the bass guitar and trumpet, which he has brought to good use during pandemic worship over the past year.

Tanae Izumi-Rauseo is our church keyboardist, proficient on piano and organ.  She is also a NYC school teacher. One of her favorite songs is Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World.”  Tanae also loves Disney movies and the beach.  If a Disney movie ever screened outdoors at the beach while people were singing and dancing, it would be her best day ever!  As part of our youth leadership team, Tanae also helps to plan youth and lead youth events throughout the year, and for the past two years she has been the head of our worship committee as well.

Pam Austin and Dot Gaynor are our church sextons.  They help keep the church shiny and clean and set up and break down tables and chairs for all of our big events.  Pam and Dot can usually be spotted holding coffee cups from 7-11.  They are also avid fans of the Yankees and Giants, and hope that 2021 will bring good fortune to each New York team.  If you see them around the church, be sure to say hello and thank you!

Image result for postal serviceMary McGee is our Office Administrator.  She is the former postmaster of Bohemia and a regular volunteer at Sharing a Meal.  During the pandemic, she is working mostly from home, coming to the office once or twice a week in person.

Joanna Engelhardt is our church bookkeeper, and does the hard work of keeping our financial records accurate and our bills paid.  She is normally in the office in the early afternoon twice a week (but call first!)

Thank you to all of our staff for their dedication and service ~ it’s more than just a job!

2 thoughts on “Staff”

  1. Claude Stauffer said:

    Dear Rev. Allan, I don’t know if you remember me. We spoke by phone many years ago. This is Claude. I pastor Calvary Chapel of Hope in Amityville. I just wanted to share that I often pass by your church and appreciate the witty sayings posted out front. I pass by with a smile and offer up a prayer on your behalf , your family and congregation. God bless you. Stay the course brother.

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